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WrestleMania 29 Open Thread: Twice in a Lifetime!

It's The Rock! It's John Cena! It's the Once in a Lifetime Match..Again!

It's time for a tradition unlike any other: The BHGP WrestleMania Open Thread! Pay per view festivities start at 6:00 ET, so spend that cheddar and settle in to watch the greatest spectacle in the world with us.

A couple of things:

No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no xenophobia (looking at you, Jack Swagger), and -- MOST IMPORTANTLY -- NO ILLEGAL STREAMS OF THE EVENT. This is a big, big, big no-no tonight.

Mad Men also premieres tonight, so let's confine any spoilerish discussion to Hamsterdam. If you find yourself questioning whether to watch 'Mania or Mad Men, just watch them both at once:

Finally, you can also follow along with us on Twitter (#TwitterMania) or head over to the SB Nation storystream for results, GIFs, general tomfoolery, and possibly a cameo by some of your BHGP favorites.

Can Cena beat Undertaker (LOL NO)? Can Mark Henry bust the wig of a guy who has no hair (mizzzzbe)? How is it that the Intercontinental Belt was in the pre-show (Miz won it with a Figure Seven Leglock)? All these questions and more, answered in the next few hours.