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INPIYLTI: Busy Weekend For Iowa Football With The Spring Game And NFL Draft

Let's recap.

Reese Strickland-US PRESSWIRE

FIRST. Thanks for nothing Big Ten Network. If you're like me, you waited all day Saturday for a live stream from Kinnick Stadium that never happened. Technical difficulties. The BTN did broadcast the spring game last evening so they followed through on that. The game will surely replay throughout the week so check your guide.

AROUND 16,000 SHOWED UP TO WATCH THE HAWKEYES. The two public appearances - one open practice in West Des Moines and the spring game - drew a little over 24,000 Hawkeye fans. If you missed Saturday's action there's video of the quarterbacks on Hawkeye Drive. The Gazette has game video too. There's also a recap coming here today.

MOREHOUSE HAS STATS. There's also some of his quick impressions from Iowa's last spring session of football. Here's some (make sure to click the link for all) of his stats from the scrimmage:


Jake Rudock

Totals - 18 of 29 for 174 yards (no TD passes, led three scoring drives for 17 points; Rudock did take two drives in a row, taking a turn from Sokol)

Cody Sokol

Totals - 13 of 18 for 183 TD (led there scoring drives for 17 points and rushed for a TD)

C.J. Beathard

Totals - 10 of 20 for 110 yards and TD (led two scoring drives for 10 points; the TD pass was all Canzeri and a great block from WR Jacob Hillyer)


RB Damon Bullock - 9 carries for 5 yards, 1 fumble

RB Jordan Canzeri - 13 for 47

RB Mark Weisman - 5 for 11

RB Michael Malloy - 12 for 56 (back-to-back 16-yard runs; 1-yard TD)

FB Macon Plewa - 2 for 1 yard 1 TD

QB Jake Rudock - 2 for 5 yards

QB Cody Sokol -- 4 for 16 (2-yard TD run; fumbled a snap)

QB C.J. Beathard - 2 for 17 (20-yard scramble)

WR Kevonte Martin-Manley - 1 for 18 (reverse)

WR Jordan Cotton - 1 for 33 (reverse that kinda looked like a jet sweep)


WR Jacob Hillyer - 4 for 38 yards

TE Ray Hamilton - 3 for 24

RB Jordan Canzeri - 3 for 56 (46 TD)

WR Cameron Wilson - 10 for 131

WR Jordan Cotton - 1 for 14 (drop)

WR Kevonte Martin-Manley - 5 for 42

RB Michael Malloy - 1 for 8

TE C.J. Fiedorowicz - 1 for 6

TE Jake Duzey - 2 for 29 (15-yard TD)

WR Blake Haluska - 4 for 58

TE George Kittle - 4 for 36

TE Henry Krieger Coble - 1 for 7


Mike Meyer - 1 of 2 (missed 50, hit 39)

Marshall Koehn - 1 of 2 (hit 25, missed 39*)

Alden Haffer - 1 of 2 (hit 33, missed 38)

IS DAMON BULLOCK A WIDE RECEIVER? Following the scrimmage, Bullock let this little cat out of the bag:

"Plenty of reps (at wide receiver). Right now we haven't introduced it during the spring game or anything but when practice is (going) and no media around, I'm always around the receivers."

CARL DAVIS LOOKS GOOD. If you go back and look at Carl Davis in any year's previous video, you'll see a 6'5" DT that popped out of his stance too high and allowed the offensive lineman to get below his pads and get a push. Davis appears to have figured it out. He's getting leverage now and it's paying off. Hopefully this strong Spring session continues into the season.

STILL A QUARTERBACK COMPETITION. You didn't really think Kirk Ferentz would pick a quarterback in April, did you? It's obvious by the two sessions made available to the public that the battle for the starting quarterback position is ongoing. Perhaps, by August, KF will name a starter.

THE NFL DRAFT IS COMPLETE. Micah Hyde was the only Hawkeye taken is this year's Draft. The Green Bay Packers selected Hyde in the Draft's 5th round. That's the first time since 2001 Iowa had only one player drafted. There have been a few free agent signings since the draft ended. James Vandenberg and Joe Gaglione signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Keenan Davis signed with the Cleveland Browns. Finally, Matt Tobin signed with the Philadelphia Eagles.