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Talkin' Quasi-Football: 2013 NFL Draft Round One Open Thread

Well, it's related to football...

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Who will the Chiefs draft #1 overall? (OT Eric Fisher out of Central Michigan, apparently.) Will someone trade up for Manti Te'o? (Probably.) Will the the Raiders embarrass themselves? (Almost certainly.)

These and many more questions will be answered tonight, in round one of the 2013 NFL Draft. Last year was all about the two sexy franchise QBs, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but this year is all about the fat boys. Expect to see a lot of offensive and defensive linemen hear their names get called tonight. Also, the Iowa-related portion of this draft isn't going to kick in until Saturday. After a three-year run of first round draft picks (Bulaga, Clayborn, Reiff), Iowa's a bit weak in NFL draft possibilities; Hyde is the best bet, and he probably won't hear his name called until one of the later rounds on Saturday, when the fever dreams start hitting hard and teams start thinking that you know what, Percival Slitherface really does have high upside at the cornerback position, dammit. Ahem.

The draft is on ESPN and NFL Network, beginning at 6pm CT.

The usual rules of open threads apply: no links to illegal online streams (and, seriously, if you're linking to an illegal online stream of the NFL Draft YOU ARE A FUCKING DEGENERATE AND SHOULD SEEK HELP IMMEDIATELY), no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs, etc. We do encourage you to make fun of your rivals when they make silly picks, though. That's always fun.