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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kinnick Stadium To Get An Audio And Video Upgrade

All the latest in Iowa Hawkeye news.

Joe Robbins

DANT, DANT-DANT, DANT-DANT. Back in Black will sound will sound even better when the Hawkeye Football team walks from the tunnel at Kinnick Stadium. Iowa announced an $8 million upgrade to the stadium's video board and sound system. The current video board is already eight years old.

IOWA HELD THEIR POLK COUNTY I-CLUB MEETING LAST NIGHT. Kirk Ferentz said that the open practice in West Des Moines was such a hit he said "I could see us doing it on a regular basis."Ferentz didn't tip his hand on which quarterback is leading the race for starter for the 2013 season. Iowa's offensive coordinator Greg Davis speaks today but he won't name a leader either. Perhaps Davis isn't as good a poker player as Ferentz and he'll show his cards a little bit.

KF'S SON-IN-LAW WILL HAVE A JOB. Iowa has a plan for the employment of Tyler Barnes within the football program. He'll report to a different supervisor and the rest of the plan remains confidential. Barnes and Joanne Ferentz have a Summer wedding planned.

BTN BLOGGERS PREDICT IOWA WILL MISS A BOWL IN 2013-2014. Iowa Football is "trending down" according to Tom Dinehart. Brent Yarnia drops an "AIRBHG" though.

WE NOW KNOW THE NEW BIG TEN DIVISIONS. There's also a new nine-game conference schedule to get worked out. Barry Alvarez let the cat out of the bag last week. The Big Ten will move to a nine-game conference slate in 2016. Iowa currently has only two teams on the non-conference schedule in '16 but a few Big Ten teams will have some games to drop.

THE ACC MAY HAVE ENDED CONFERENCE EXPANSION. The ACC presidents approved a grant of media rights that will expire in 2027. Virginia, Duke, Georgia Tech and North Carolina were rumored to be top candidates for the Big Ten to get to 16 teams. The rumor mill has moved its focus to Oklahoma, Kansas and even SEC school Vanderbilt.

CORNTROLL NATION DOESN'T LIKE PLAYING IOWA ON THANKSGIVING WEEKEND. They want a game with "some significance," according to Brandon Cavanaugh. The Corn Nation blogger believes Wisconsin should be that opponent because "the Heroes Game is the football equivalent of a TV dinner joke. Huskers and Hawkeyes trade jabs across the Missouri River that have the sting of a marshmallow." Cavanaugh goes on to write "the Huskers and Badgers look to be the two teams trading blows for the West's spot in the Big Ten Championship Game more often than not."

Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota. There's a long and rich history there. Nebraska, well, they left their history behind and gave that up for money. TV money certainly drives today's decision making in the Big Ten front office and Nebraska may get their way. For the record, this Iowa fan isn't exactly excited about playing Nebraska when Iowa could face Wisconsin, Illinois or Minnesota on Thanksgiving weekend either.

THE NFL DRAFT IS JUST DAYS AWAY. Unlike recent years, don't expect a Hawkeye to be called during the draft's first round. There are some mock drafts that include Hawkeye seniors. predicts Micah Hyde could go in the seventh round to the Colts. Hyde took time to talk with Brendan Stiles, of Of the 4,000 mock drafts in existence, you may also see Keenan Davis and James Ferentz as late round picks. They too, did an interview with Hawkeye Drive discussing their possible futures in pro football.

FROM THE DAILY IOWAN. Here's a look into the life of a student-athlete on Iowa's campus. It's worth your time.