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Suspicious Package Removed From Kinnick Stadium By Bomb Squad

Ginger, tea, and a greeting card create a brief scene of tension at Kinnick Stadium. Well, they didn't know it was that when the bomb squad was called, obviously.

So, there was a bit of a thing in the Kinnick Stadium north parking lot on Monday. There was a suspicious package found there Monday morning, the Johnson County bomb squad came by, and they determined the contents were not explosive. Tea, ginger, and a greeting card, as it turns out. How very Iowa City, no? Gotta assume the tea and ginger came from New Pi.

And to whoever lost their tea (which sounds like a British euphemism): Sorry, that sucks, but that's why you don't leave things just lying around at important places.

Here's more of the story from The Gazette:

Police responded to the scene late Monday morning, where a box was found in the north parking lot. The Iowa City Bomb Squad responded to the scene, and a member of the the squad opened the package and determined it was not dangerous. The area was reopened shortly after noon.

The initial instinct was to make some light humor of this, like a crude photoshop of the "suspicious package" being a book about the vertical passing game and Kirk Ferentz demanding that it be detonated immediately. Standard stuff for BHGP. But it's just, y'know, Boston just happened. And while this isn't a situation where it's TOO SOON to joke about anything, it is kinda TOO SOON to joke about bombs and explosions and stuff. Sensitivity: it's not the worst thing in the world.

Moreover, the Boston bombing is probably the only reason we're even hearing about this deal at Kinnick Stadium anyway. Maybe the bomb squad doesn't get called at all if nobody's on edge about this sort of thing, or maybe it does and the incident just doesn't show up on anybody's radar. Sure would be nice if the world was such that we could find out. Alas.

Anyway, let's not dwell on that for too long, so here's a question for us to discuss in the comments. Last week I was talking about Wisconsin's personnel from 2009 and comparing it to Iowa's. Their top wide receiver was Nick Toon. So what was your favorite NickToon?

I'll start. Mine is The Ren & Stimpy Show, but sometimes I feel like that shouldn't even count since it was pretty obviously not made for kids. So aside from that, I would say Doug. Way more relatable than those little Rugrats. Spongebob Squarepants is probably a favorite for a lot of you younger folk, but it didn't start until I was turning 18. So it goes.

Now your turn. Go.