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BHGP Abroad: So You've Hired a Steve Alford

BHGP makes a quick trip to Bruins Nation to discuss their recent coaching hire.

I really don't want to set off another thread about how much we hate [redacted], but if you're interested, I went over to Bruins Nation this morning and gave them a comprehensive rundown of the [redacted] experience. An excerpt:

His petulance paired well with an amazing sense of self-righteousness and delusions of grandeur that, I'm sure, are typical for someone who is Steve Fucking Alford to Indiana basketball fans but is just a coach to everyone else. There were rumors that he would ask local businesses for goods in exchange for endorsements -- suits, lawnmowers, etc. -- that were made after services had already been rendered. There was a certain attitude of entitlement, evident both on the sideline and in public, that just didn't work at Iowa. It was most publicly evident in 2000 and 2006, when the Indiana job became available and Alford did everything short of driving to Bloomington and groveling at the feet of the school's chancellor to get the job. Iowa fans, rightfully or wrongfully, took it as a slight that their coach would so openly campaign for a job in their own conference. Alford, rightfully or wrongfully, didn't seem to care.

Anyway, head over there to read the full thing and join in the conversation (just remember where you are; their community is completely batshit insane in all the right ways).

GO BRUINS (I can't believe I left that off the post).