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Iowa Strength Coach Chris Doyle's Twitter Skills Could Use Some Work

We know Chris Doyle means well, but it's hard to look at this and not laugh.

Iowa strength coach Chris Doyle is on Twitter, and he is... pretty much like any strength coach on Twitter. That is not a bad thing at all, mind you; it takes a certain type to be a successful strength coach (a type Doyle fits perfectly), and if any of us were tasked with the strength and conditioning of any group of athletes, those athletes would probably have quit en masse within a matter of, oh... seconds.

Today, Doyle posted this entirely well-meaning tweet:

And dude, we see what you're getting at, but COULD WE MAYBE NOT raise the specter of heart machines and all that until at least a couple more years after that whole rhabdo episode put a significant portion of the team in the hospital? Like, we had to stop ourselves from photoshopping in the words "...and that squat thrust workout must have been great!" underneath there.

Yes, this is minor and petty and no it is not news. But when a member of the Iowa coaching staff makes us cringe on Twitter, we are probably going to write about it. Them's just the rules.