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One more MAYGASM for the road...
One more MAYGASM for the road...
Chris Chambers

Iowa's trip to Nebraska to get their first taste of Nebrasketball this season went very badly -- or at least the second half went very, very badly. Iowa played maybe their worst half of basketball all season then and it cost Iowa dearly. Whether or not Iowa still has a shot at getting into the NCAA Tournament, Iowa needs this game just because getting swept by Nebraska would be ridiculously, hopelessly embarrassing.

A win in this game would also give Iowa 20 wins in the regular season and a 9-9 Big Ten conference record, the best marks for Iowa in many years. Today is also Senior Day and while Iowa has just one senior (Eric May), it would certainly be nice to get him a win. Finally, a win keeps alive Iowa's hopes of getting the #6 seed in the Big Ten Tournament next week. So go Hawks. Beat Nebrasketball.

The game is on BTN at 1:15pm CT.

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