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The opening weekend draws to a close.

The La Salle mascot just wants to say "hi," you guys.
The La Salle mascot just wants to say "hi," you guys.

Only 8 more games left in the opening weekend -- hopefully they provide some thrills.

11:15pm CT: #2 Ohio State vs. #10 Iowa State (CBS)
1:45pm CT: #1 Indiana vs. #9 Temple (CBS)
4:15pm CT: #1 Kansas vs. #8 North Carolina (CBS)
5:10pm CT: #3 Florida vs. #11 Minnesota (TNT)

6:10pm CT: #7 San Diego State vs. #15 Florida Gulf Coast (TBS)
6:40pm CT: #12 Ole Miss vs. #13 La Salle (TruTV)
7:40pm CT: #2 Miami vs. #7 Illinois (TNT)
8:40pm CT: #2 Duke vs. #7 Creighton (TBS)

BONUS! There's also NIT action this morning that's of particular interest to us...

10:00am CT: #1 Virginia vs. #5 St. John's (ESPN)

The winner of this game will play Iowa in the third round of the NIT. If Virginia wins, the game will be in Charlottesville. If St. John's wins, Iowa will host the game in Iowa City. Go Johnnies!

NOTE! We'll also use this thread for the Iowa women's opening round game in the NCAA Tournament against Miami. That game begins at 6:30 pm CT. It's on ESPN2, although probably only if you live in Iowa. Everyone in non-local markets will get "whiparound" coverage, which skips from game to game.

The usual rules apply: no links to illegal online streams, no porn, no religion, no politics, no slurs, etc.