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Keep the season alive.

Play it again, RDM.
Play it again, RDM.

Just like a year ago, Iowa has made it to the second round of the NIT. Unlike a year ago, Iowa's at home -- and they aren't facing an opponent quite as talented as Oregon. Of course, that's not to say that Stony Brook is a pushover, because they're not -- they dominated their conference in the regular season this year and they've had very respectable results against solid teams on the road. Iowa is going to need to play well to win this game.

So a bit more like the second half of the Indiana State game and less like the first half of that game, okay, guys? Another sellout crowd is expected to be in attendance for this game, which should give Iowa a bit more energy in their quick turnaround from Wednesday night's win over the Sycamores.

The game is on ESPNU at 8:30pm CT. Although that start time might be more of an approximation, given that the semifinals of the NCAA Wrestling Tournament are airing on ESPNU right before the Iowa game and it's not clear that they'll be over by 8:30pm CT. Anyway.

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