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The last road show.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Iowa concludes the road game portion of their Big Ten season tonight, with a trip to Bloomington to face current (but likely not future) #1 Indiana. It's been a while since last we saw the Hoosiers -- way back on New Year's Eve, 2012. Indiana edged Iowa in that game, 69-65, the first of many near-misses for Iowa in B1G play this year as it turned out. More recently, Indiana is coming off their third loss in league play, a stunner against a left-for-dead Minnesota team in mid-week. So I'm sure they won't be eager to wipe the taste of losing out of their mouths or anything...

Mike Gesell is still out with a foot injury, so Roy Devyn Marble and Anthony Clemmons will be handling the point guard duties tonight. We didn't expect a win in this game when the schedule was announced and certainly nothing that's happened over the course of the season has done anything to sway that opinion. Iowa's NCAA Tournament hopes are hanging by the slenderest of threads, but a loss here probably doesn't impact them much: no one expects Iowa to win here. On the other hand, if Iowa did pull off the wildly improbable upset in this game, well... it would certainly do wonders for their tourney credentials.

The game's on BTN at 6:30pm CT.

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