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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Welp, It's Selection Sunday


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WE WON'T REHASH FRIDAY NIGHT'S DEBACLE. Too much, at least. There is this video that surfaced on YouTube yesterday:

Iowa vs. Michigan State 2013 Big 10 Tournament (via Hunter H.)

FRAN TALKED A LITTLE ABOUT IT. He steamed, mostly. The comment that stands out the most,

I've been doing this a long time. I've coached in a lot of games. I've coached in a lot of tournaments. I've coached favorites; I've coached underdogs. This team deserved a better fate tonight.

THE BUBBLE WATCH IS OVER. Maybe. Hawkeye fans got a glimmer of hope yesterday when Doug Gottlieb told CBS Sports' audience that he believes Iowa is the last team in. Gottlieb mentioned the Iowa game several times on his Twitter account yesterday too.

NOW WE WAIT. Eric May thinks they deserve a shot. He said,

"I think we deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament. I'm really proud of my team. We are a really good team and we have fought all season long. Whenever we are playing, we are going to play our tails off next week, wherever we are playing."

According to Melsahn Basabe,

"We beat most of the tournament teams. If they're going to put somebody else in, why wouldn't they put us in? We finished sixth in the conference, in the best conference in America."

We'll find out at 5pm on CBS today if the Hawkeyes earned a spot. If not, the NIT begins on Tuesday.