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INPIYLTI: A Way Too Early Look At Iowa Football's Recruiting Targets 2014

The 2013 recruiting class is signed, sealed and delivered, so, let's look ahead to next year.

David Purdy

HEAD HAWKEYE FOOTBALL COACH KIRK FERENTZ TALKED ABOUT HIS 2013 RECRUITING CLASS. There's a full recap coming here, so, sit tight. Iowa has a full press release about signing day. There's also a transcript of Ferentz's brief chat before the media and video.

NOW THAT THE 2013 IOWA FOOTBALL RECRUITING CLASS IS FINISHED WE CAN LOOK AHEAD TO NEXT YEAR. Last year, I took the time to profile every high school junior that held an offer from Iowa in February. There was over 50 recruits that the Hawkeyes had already extended a scholarship offer to. Of those 50 only a couple ended up signing with Iowa this week.

The Iowa coaching staff knows they have to offer early to get the attention of the nation's top prospects. This year, Iowa already has two commitments that will reportedly be ranked four-stars by the recruiting services. (If you missed it, here is the CIC for both Jay Scheel and Ross Pierschbacher.) Sure, they're both in-state prospects but still, nabbing a verbal commitment this early is big for Iowa's 2014 recruiting momentum. Both have camped around the nation and Pierschbacher has visited some of the nation's top teams with top talent forming friendships with fellow high profile recruits. That's important. Both Scheel and Pierschbacher can now become ambassadors for the Hawkeye recruiting class and becoming cheerleaders may influence the minds of their peers.

WHAT ARE SOME NAMES TO KEEP AN EYE ON? Iowa will lose 16ish players due to graduation next year; more if you factor in attrition. The 2014 recruiting class, like the 2013 class, will likely sign 20 or so players. Iowa added depth this year at the offensive line but look for the Hawkeyes to add three more in 2014. You can count on skill position players too. Iowa typically adds one quarterback per class. They loaded up on wide receivers this year and have one in Scheel, but they may add one or two more. Same can be said for running back.

Iowa's biggest target, literally, is Orlando Brown Jr., son of the former Cleveland Browns offensive lineman. The 6'8" Brown has cut some weight and currently is listed at 345 pounds, down from reports of close to 400. He has his pick of schools; Alabama, Florida, Ohio State and Texas are on the list. So are the Hawkeyes and it's a connection with Brown's late father that keeps Iowa as a real possible landing spot. Kirk Ferentz coached Orlando Brown in Cleveland and the two had a bond.

Some other prospects that Iowa has a realistic shot with include: Clifton Garrett (MLB), Brandon Lee (WR), Mikale Wilbon (RB), Ian Bunting (TE), Donovan Clark (WR), Justin Jackson (DB), Brian Allen (OL), Keegan Render (OL), Dimonic McKinzy (DB), Tinashe Bere (LB), Parrker Westphal (DB), Harrison Phillips (DE), Brandon Hines (DT), Elijah Lee (OLB) and Chris Lacy (WR). Again, this isn't a complete list of recruits with Iowa offers but some names to remember.