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We're Talking Hoops: Iowa-Purdue Open Thread

Iowa's point guard is out. Iowa is at home. Iowa is playing a team that it probably should have beaten on the road, but at full strength. So we have no idea what's going on.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports


No Mike Gesell tonight or at any other point in the near future, but have no fear: Three-point sharpshooter Josh Oglesby will start. That means Marble at the point in a massive Iowa lineup, at least to start.

In any case, Iowa plays OMHR at 7:30 CST, live from Carver Hawkeye Arena on Big Ten Network. Thread is open, with usual rules in place: No slurs, no illegal game streams, no porn, no jackassery, and first one to find "Purdue" on a map wins an Internet prize.