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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Nebraska Treating Iowa Like A Little Brother

Nebraska beat writers are the best.

FIRST, THE PIC. You can get a Fran McCaffery "Beach Fran" bobblehead tomorrow night at Carver. Insert your Iowa basketball is on Spring Break joke here.

NEXT, IOWA JUST CAN'T BEAT NEBRASKA. Dirk Chatelain, of Big Red Today, is happy to point out Iowa is losing to the Cornhuskers at just about everything. The latest Nebraska wins over Iowa came over the weekend in both men and women's basketball. Chatelain does mention Iowa wrestling. He writes,

Whatever the reason, I'm beginning to understand why the Hawkeyes care so much about wrestling.
They don't have anything else.


ABOUT THE OTHER LITTLE BROTHER. Iowa State took the National stage last night on ESPN's Big Monday. The #6 ranked Kansas Jayhawk basketball team came to town with ending Iowa State's home win streak on their minds. There was some questionable officiating at the end of regulation that helped Kansas get the game to overtime. There was also a desperation three that fell for the Jayhawks that Hawkeye fans are all too familiar with. Kansas wins, Iowa State fans freak out.

There was some good that came from the game. Cyclone fan Matt Mum snagged a pic of commentator Brent Musburger, who was kind enough to autograph a Katherine Webb poster. There was a truffle shuffle. And finally, there was also some really ugly behavior that hopefully we never, ever see from Hawkeye fans.

SOME HAWKEYE NEWS? James Vandenberg completed the NFL Combine over the weekend. Here's his final numbers: 6'2.5", 226 pounds, 4.87 (40m), 1.73 (10m), 32" vertical, 9' 8" broad, 6.95 cone and 4.52 (20 yd shuttle). Micah Hyde just started his testing. He measured in at 6 feet tall and 197 pounds. He completed 12 reps on the 225 bench press test. He'll complete testing today.


FRAN MCCAFFERY'S TEAM TAKES ON PURDUE TOMORROW NIGHT. Fran talked about the loss at Nebraska and the upcoming game with Purdue yesterday. The team knew what was at stake at Nebraska and Fran says that losing that game with the NCAA tournament on the line "makes you feel that much worse." He also mentions that Gabe Olaseni might see more playing time. Fran says that Gabe has "earned it."