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Here's how it's looking, as of now:

Reese Morgan and Eric Johnson will remain in Iowa and eastern Nebraska, where they have been recruiting (and recruiting well) for years.

Phil Parker will handle Michigan, which had previously been recruited by Soup Campbell. Parker was Iowa's primary recruiter in Michigan before Campbell joined the staff. Chris White will handle the Atlantic coast, especially the mid-Atlantic. Jim Reid, who has links into Virginia and Maryland, may help. The mid-Atlantic is expected to increase in importance with Big Ten expansion.

As for the big ones, Brian Ferentz and Jim Reid will split recruiting in Chicago. Those two will probably be joined by Eric Johnson in downstate Illinois. Three coaches -- Phil Parker, Brian Ferentz, and Jim Reid -- will split duties in Ohio, placing three coaches in a territory that Iowa used to monitor with one. No word on Indiana and Pennsylvania, though Iowa has struggled in those states recently (save for Philadelphia, which presumably will fall under White's umbrella). Iowa's also making a new play in Texas, as both Bobby Kennedy (a former Texas recruiting coordinator) and LeVar Woods will handle recruiting there, presumably with some help from Greg Davis.

Ferentz hasn't shut the door on Florida -- "We'll go anywhere" -- but isn't going to have a staff member actively monitoring the state.