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Kirk Ferentz Talks New Iowa Football Coaching Staff

Kirk Ferentz will meet before the media to talk new coaches.


IT'S 2PM, ON A FRIDAY. It seems like a great time for a football press conference, don't you think? Kirk Ferentz will talk coaching staff today. He and his coaches take off for the annual coaches cruise next week. Yesterday, gave us the name of the newest hire at Iowa. Chris White will handle running backs and assist with special teams next season. White has never coached running backs before. (As PV covered yesterday, White's pretty good with the special teams.) Whie will also will fill the role of recruiting Maryland and the New York area. He fills that void left by the now departed Darrell Wilson.

ANYTHING ELSE? There could be. With the upcoming changes in college football recruiting rules there may be additional coaches (or coach) added to the Iowa staff. Marc Morehouse notes that adding a recruiting staff is something "Iowa DOESN'T want this to happen. At least not right now." If you look around college football, especially down South, "Director of Player Development" and whatever important name head coaches are creating are being added almost daily. Iowa has Eric Johnson currently in a recruiting coordinator role. Chic Ejiasi is the Director of Player Development. So, how will Ferentz and Iowa handle this moving forward? Perhaps, today, we find out.