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"Pat Angerer" Dances the Harlem Shake

Someone throws on an Angerer practice jersey and does something that Pat Angerer would hate with the fury of a thousand supernovas. We have a pretty good idea who it was.

Joe Robbins

This is former Iowa Hawkeye and current Indianapolis Colt Pat Angerer (#51) starring in a Harlem Shake video on the Colts' website. Or is it?

Indianapolis Colts on WhoSay

That doesn't look like Pat Angerer, and it doesn't sound like something Pat Angerer would do. Pat Angerer once said his best friend was his brother's dog and that he'd play football for Coors Light and flannels. Pat, who introduced himself on Sunday Night Football as being from the United State of Iowa. Pat who loves bowling. Angerer also recently had foot surgery, so not only is this just about the last thing Pat Angerer might do, but he's physically incapable of it.

Who on the current Colts roster would put on Pat Angerer's jersey and a helmet and dance on camera? Who would want to openly mock Angerer like that? And who has those killer dance moves?

We have a pretty good idea of who it is: Did someone call for a tight end?