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Does North Carolina Have An Offer To Join The Big Ten?

JEFF ERMANN WAS RIGHT ABOUT MARYLAND JOINING THE BIG TEN. Last year, when the Big Ten added Rutgers and Maryland as their 13th and 14th members, Jeff Ermann had the scoop. Ermann, of 24/7 Sports' Maryland recruiting and news site, tweeted yesterday this:

According to Ermann North Carolina already has an offer to join the Big Ten. Virginia, according to tweets, is apparently the other school the Big Ten is considering. Georgia Tech may be on deck or expansion won't stop at 16. Also, Florida State could also be in the discussion too.

Ermann had several other interesting tweets:

This news emerges a day after a "North Carolina judge declined to dismiss a lawsuit filed against Maryland by the Atlantic Coast Conference." Maryland is suing the ACC over the $52 million dollar exit fee the conference voted in last year. Maryland is set to join the Big Ten in 2014 whether they win the lawsuit to avoid the exit fee or not.