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INPIYLTI: Hawkeye Football Considering A Spring Practice In Des Moines?

It's a traveling circus practice tour.

Joe Robbins

SORRY. This may be short today. I gotta go get the bread and milk.

Bread & Milk (via Vic Dibitetto)

IT STILL DOESN'T SOUND LIKE A SPRING GAME. We're talking practice. PRACTICE! KCCI's Andy Garmon reports that Iowa is considering a spring open practice for fans in West Des Moines this year. The possible spot to catch the Hawkeyes is Valley High School Stadium. That makes sense, it holds 10,000 people. Much more than would show in Iowa City, especially after a (4-8) season.

FRAN MCCAFFERY'S TEAM SMOKED THE GOPHERS SUNDAY. Iowa's head basketball coach talked about the team's win following the game. Here's the transcript and video. Iowa's next opponent is Nebraska.

THAT GAME AT NEBRASKA IS STILL ON FOR THURSDAY, FOR NOW. Despite the pending SNOW-MG. There's a chance the game could be moved to Saturday if the snow storm to hit the Midwest is too brutal. The Hawkeyes only play once this week so a move of two days shouldn't impact their legs.

MORE RECRUITING PROFILES FROM MOREHOUSE. The series of individual profiles on Iowa's 2013 football recruits includes: Damond Powell, Nic Shimonek, Malik Rucker, Reggie Spearman, Akrum Wadley and Solomon Warfield. The Shimonek piece is interesting. Pistol formation anyone?

LISA BLUDER'S TEAM GOT A MUCH NEEDED WIN. The Hawkeye ladies broke into the Top 25 and then promptly lost five games in a row. They ended that streak on the road against Purdue. The win gets Iowa just one game short of .500 in the Big Ten at (6-7), (17-10) overall.

AN UPDATE ON BRETT GREENWOOD. The blog Brett Greenwood Foundation reports "he works mainly on short term memory and fine motor skills, all while improving his vision." He still spends six hours a day in therapy and hopefully we'll see him in Kinnick soon.