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A Note About Black Heart Gold Podcast

The BHGP audio show still exists, just in a different place.

Hey everyone, do you remember the podcast?

Black Heart Gold Podcast hasn't been around these parts for a couple of months now, and it would be reasonable to think it's on hiatus. The truth is, the Podcast is still recording and posting, but it's doing so off-site. We're now on Podbean, for one. We're also on iTunes -- if you subscribe on iTunes, you need to follow this link or go to the Store, search for Black Heart Gold Podcast, and subscribe to the version with the Go Iowa Awesome logo -- and we'll post information on each show to @BHGPodcast and the BHGP Facebook page. There's a new edition today. It's with Morehouse, and it's surprisingly informative.

There are a couple of relatively simple reasons for this move. For one, Podbean provides us a much easier process for posting episodes than the cumbersome method we had been using, meaning we can finish an episode, edit, and post in about 15 minutes instead of the hours it previously took. For another, due to some disagreements between people not directly involved with BHGP, there are some guests who cannot appear on podcasts here but can appear off-site. We want to talk to those guests, and now we can.

So listen to Black Heart Gold Podcast if you want. It's a pretty decent show, and the intro music is bumping.