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Caring Is Creepy 2015: Have A Seat, Jack Beneventi

Iowa gets a marquee quarterback for the 2015 class, and DEAR GOD HE'S HUGE

Signing Day for 2014 is still about two months away, but Iowa's already hard at work on its 2015 class, and it's off to a rousing start with a Thursday night commitment from pro-style giant Jack Beneventi of Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

This is a small recruiting coup, as Iowa beat out the likes of Illinois (yawn), Louisville (!) and Notre Dame (!!!) for Beneventi's commitment. We expect Beneventi to be a 4-star once his class is ranked, being that Notre Dame offered him and all, and he was one of two junior QBs to be invited to the Rivals Challenge in Chicago.

Of course, that higher profile means big-name teams will be coming around in 2014, and it'll be up to Iowa to keep Beneventi's attention and affection until February 2015. So it goes. That's a nice problem to have, and Iowa had better start getting used to the process of keeping its highest-rated prospects committed if it wants to reestablish itself as one of the Big Ten's best teams.

At the very least, Beneventi is committed enough right now to put together this wonderful, wonderful photomosaic creation and put it on Twitter:


6'6" my ass! This guy's like 170 feet tall! This looks awesome and unstoppable, sure, but it presents all sorts of logistical nightmares.

1) Non-regulation pads? Will NCAA get involved?

2) Do you use a normal-sized football or a giant one for his giant hands?

2a) Can he aim a small football very well?

2b) Would a giant football hurt/murder a player trying to catch it?

3) Do his cleats make giant holes in the turf?

4) How does he get from outside the stadium to inside?

5) If he stands in front of the uprights on opposing field goal/PATs, is that clever competitive tactics or bullcrap?


Anyway, here's a throwing session from this past summer. Like, before his junior year. THIS IS A GUY WHO STILL HAD TWO YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL LEFT.

There's a lot more that goes into being a successful college QB than what you can do with no pads on and no defense to read, obviously, but we're seeing a 6'6" kid with solid mechanics, a fast release and the arm to make plenty of throws. Again, you can't really evaluate him solely off a tape like this, but if he's got even average ability to read a defense and make solid decisions, he's got as bright a future for making a career out of this as any QB that's come through Iowa City since... hell, Dan McGwire?

Anyway, solid get for Iowa. Hope he stays committed, because those other calls will still be coming.