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Session I went pretty well for the Iowa wrestlers.  Read on for more.

WHO: A slew of teams, including Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern, Virginia Tech, Illinois, Edinboro, and Michigan.
WHAT: Two-day tournament featuring wrestlers at all 10 weights.
WHERE: Evanston, IL
WHEN: December 29 and December 30
Session I: 9:30 AM Sunday
Session II: 7:00 PM Sunday
Session III: 12:00 PM Monday
Session IV: 8:00 PM Monday
TV: The finals (Session IV) will be live on BTN; I don't know if video coverage of other sessions will be available on Hawkeye All-Access ($$$)
RADIO: AM 800-KXIC (local) or Hawkeye All-Access (national; $$$)
TWITTER: @IowaWRLive@Hawks_Wrestling@hagertony@Andy_Hamilton@kjpilcher

BRACKETS: Click here

3-seed Cory Clark FALL (4:03) Dominic Olivieri (Illinois-UN)
125: 3-seed Cory Clark FALL (1:35) Garrison White (Northwestern)
125: 4-seed Thomas Gilman MAJ DEC (14-4) Billy Watterson (Brown-UN)
133: 2-seed Tony Ramos MAJ DEC (13-5) Cashe Quiroga (Purdue)
133: 2-seed Tony Ramos MAJ DEC (23-8) Chasen Tolbert (Utah Valley)
141: 7-seed Josh Dziewa DEC (8-4) Kevin Fanta (NIU)
141: 7-seed Josh Dziewa DEC (5-2) Todd Preston (Harvard)
149: Brody Grothus DEC (12-6) Mike LeHolm (Eastern Michigan)
149: 4-seed Zach Neibert (Virginia Tech) DEC (3-2) Brody Grothus
Brandon Sorensen DEC (6-4) Andrew Crone (Wisconsin-UN)
149: 3-seed Dave Habat (Edinboro) DEC (9-7 SV) Brandon Sorensen
149: 7-seed Mike Kelly DEC (5-1) Gunnar Wolfensperger (UNI)
149: 10-seed Blake Roulo (George Mason-UN) DEC (8-7) 7-seed Mike Kelly
157: 1-seed Derek St. John MAJ DEC (10-1) Danny Orem (Maryland)
157: 1-seed Derek St. John DEC (6-2) Isaiah Martinez (Illinois-UN)
165: 2-seed Nick Moore MAJ DEC (13-3) David Meza (CSU-Bakersfield)
165: 2-seed Nick Moore MAJ DEC (14-4) Jud Zeigler (Princeton)
165: 8-seed Ryan LeBlanc (Indiana) DEC (8-6) Walt Gillmor
165: Cedric Gibson (UW-White) DEC (10-3) Walt Gillmor
174: 1-seed Mike Evans FALL (2:16) Mike Curby (E Michigan)
174: 1-seed Mike Evans FALL (2:45) Monte Schmalhaus (Utah Valley)
174: 1-seed Mike Evans DEC (6-0) Ryan Callahan (Princeton)
174: 2-seed Hayden Zillmer DEC (9-7 SV) Alex Meyer
174: Alex Meyer DEC (8-5) Mike Curby (E Mich)
174: Alex Meyer DEC (7-3) John Dickson (Va Tech)
184: 1-seed Ethen Lofthouse MAJ DEC (16-5) Mark Fiala (Neb-K-UN)
184: 1-seed Ethen Lofthouse DEC (7-4) Rick Robertson (Wisconsin-UN)
184: 7-seed Sam Brooks MAJ DEC (13-1) Ethan Smith (Utah Valley)
184: 7-seed Sam Brooks WIN VIA MED FORFEIT Pat Downey (Nebraska-UN)
197: 3-seed Nathan Burak MAJ DEC (13-3) Charles Johnson (S Oregon)
197: 3-seed Nathan Burak DEC (8-3) Abe Ayala (Princeton)
285: 1-seed Bobby Telford DEC (6-0) Steve Dwyer (Beebe)
285: 1-seed Bobby Telford MAJ DEC (10-2) Cody Krumweide (UNI-UN)

125: 3-seed Cory Clark vs. 6-seed Robert Deutsch (Rider)
125: 4-seed Thomas Gilman vs. 5-seed Dylan Peters (UNI)
133: 2-seed Tony Ramos vs. 10-seed Devon Lotito (Utah Valley)
141: 7-seed Josh Dziewa vs. 2-seed Richard Durso (F&M)
157: 1-seed Derek St. John vs. 8-seed John Greisheimer (Edinboro)
165: 2-seed Nick Moore vs. 7-seed Pierce Harger (jNW)
174: 1-seed Mike Evans vs. 9-seed Scott Liegel (Wisconsin)
184: 1-seed Ethen Lofthouse vs. 9-seed Niko Reyes (Illinois)
184: 7-seed Sam Brooks vs. 2-seed Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland)
197: 3-seed Nathan Burak vs. 6-seed Chris Penny (Va Tech)
285: 1-seed Bobby Telford vs. 8-seed Adam Fager (Utah Valley)

Brody Grothus vs. John Fahy (Illinois)
149: Brandon Sorensen vs. Curt Delia (Rider)
149: 7-seed Mike Kelly vs. Coleman Hammond (CSU-Bakersfield-UN)
174: Alex Meyer vs. 5-seed Cody Caldwell (UNI)

1) Iowa -- 46 pts
2) Edinboro -- 34.5 pts
3) Illinois -- 31 pts
4) Michigan -- 29 pts
5) Wisconsin -- 28.5 pts

This is also your open thread for Session II, going on tonight.

Go Iowa.