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Hoops? Hoops.

Give 'em hell, Whitey.
Give 'em hell, Whitey.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

All I want for Christmas is a Hawkeye victory. After seeing Iowa choke away a hoops win over Iowa State nine days ago and seeing Iowa get whipped by Penn State in wrestling last night, it's rough out there for a Hawkeye. (The Iowa women did pick up a win over Drake -- a win in which Samantha Logic posted a triple double, no less! -- so it's not all bad news for the black and gold.)

Luckily, the sporting gods have delivered Arkansas-Pine Bluff to us. A-PB is... not good. Like really not good. How not good are they? Like 329th in the nation (per KenPom) not good. Yeesh. This is Iowa's last non-conference game of the season and it's one they should win easily. We should get to see Fran empty the bench in this one. Enjoy the blowouts while they last, though; the Big Ten portion of the season will be underway the next time Iowa suits up and things figure to get much harder then.

The game is on ESPN3 at 1 PM CST.

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