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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Let's Get Back To Sports

There's finals and winter break coming and sports news has come to a crawl. Still, we have what's what. Read all about it.

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FINALLY, SOME HAWKEYE SPORTS SATURDAY. There's kind of a big deal happening in Iowa City. While not yet sold out, Iowa-Penn State wrestling is a hot ticket. It's a budding rivalry that goes back further than the recent years. Hawkeye coach Tom Brands calls this an opportunity for his team. He talks about it here:

Iowa Wrestling Prepares for Penn State - 12.17.13 (via Iowa Hawkeyes)

LISA BLUDER'S TEAM ALSO GETS BACK TO ACTION SATURDAY. The Hawkeyes will take on Drake in Iowa City. Iowa looks to rebound after last week's loss to Iowa State. If you have yet to get tickets:


FOR IOWA IN THE OUTBACK BOWL, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LINEBACKERS. Anthony Hitchens was named the team's MVP during the season end football banquet. Christian Kirksey has been selected to play in the Senior Bowl. James Morris was named first team all-Big Ten by ESPN's Big Ten blog. It's impossible to pick which of Iowa's three seniors is the best. Together, they form the best trio of Iowa linebackers ever. "There's chemistry there" said James Morris. The three made it a goal to be the best linebacker corps in the country. It's my biased opinion that they've become that. They do have one more game and against stiff competition to prove it. This year, instead of playing Zelda, they'll face LSU in the Outback Bowl with the nation's attention on January 1st.

C.J. BEATHARD UPDATE. According to Marc Morehouse, on Monday's On Iowa Podcast. C.J. told the Iowa coaching staff that he has no intention of looking elsewhere. Beathard saw action as Iowa's number two QB in four games this season. He's one snap away from being the man. Also, it will be a plus to Iowa to have two solid quarterbacks pushing each other through spring and fall camp next season.

WE WANT IOWA! Whoa, simmer down Les Miles. He told reporters that Iowa reminds him of Alabama. Surely, Les is speaking of style of play.

KF TALKED OUTBACK BOWL ON HIS RADIO SHOW TUESDAY NIGHT. As usual, not a ton of breaking stuff from Carlos O'Kelly's. Ferentz talked about Iowa's current linebackers and what the Hawks have for next year. He also said they will look to sign 19-21 recruits this February.

IOWA FANS REMEMBER LSU OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR CAM CAMERON. He was the man behind the Antwaan Randel-El curtain several years back at Indiana. Well, he has a new dual-threat quarterback and they're working on, what else, the zone read.

IOWA'S ALREADY WON. Forget the game, Iowa's already won. Ticket sales, that is. It's certainly not over but Iowa fans have bought up close to 12,000 tickets to the Outback Bowl. LSU fans have purchased a little more than half that. By the way, the Outback ticket is a hotter ticket than the Fiesta or Orange Bowl writes Mike Hlas.

FRAN'S TEAM PLAYS SUNDAY. It will be Iowa's last warm-up before tipping off Big Ten play. Iowa will host Arkansas Pine Bluff at 1:00 PM (CT) in Carver Hawkeye on Sunday. It should surely be a blow out so instead of a preview, watch this about Devyn Marble's shoe collection:

Devyn Marble: Iowa basketball's most popular "sneakerhead" (via The Daily Iowan)

BRACKETOLOGY. Iowa is a six seed according to ESPN's Joe Lundari. At CBS Sports, Jerry Palm has Iowa as a seven seed.


FINALLY, THERE'S BEEN THIS OTHER THING DOMINATING IOWA NEWS THIS WEEK. We have to talk about it. Former Hawkeye Derrell Johnson-Koulianos went on a Twitter tirade directed at Kirk Ferentz, Chris Doyle and the Iowa Football program. The tweets from DJK started Saturday evening after the airing of ESPN's Youngstown Boys, 30 for 30 special.

DJK says he has a book deal on the table and will "expose" other former players and alleged mistreatment and improper benefits either directly received or observed while his time at Iowa. He's continued his tweets throughout the week and there's been response from former Hawkeyes both in support of Derrell and against. The national media has picked up on the story and Iowa has yet to comment.

Kirk Ferentz isn't new to former player allegations. In 1999, Ryan Loftin was arrested for trying to blackmail him. Loftin sent Ferentz a letter with several threats including "exposing" infractions within the program.

Iowa fans took to Twitter to mock the former Hawkeye with the hashtag #DJKBookChapters (I wonder who thought up that genius meme?). There's also a new meme on Instagram and Twitter called #DJKing. One of DJK's rants included a story of punishment where he was told to wear a trash can on his head. People are now posting images like this:


If anything, maybe that (8-5) 2010 football season makes a little more sense?