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UPDATED! BHGP Bowl Pick 'Em 2013 and Regular Season Pick 'Em FINAL Standings

Pick 'Ems, we got Pick 'Ems...

This is not the trophy awarded to the winner of the BHGP Pick 'Em contest, but only because Adam vetoed it.
This is not the trophy awarded to the winner of the BHGP Pick 'Em contest, but only because Adam vetoed it.
Gareth Gay

Yes, dear friends, we are doing a College Bowl Pick 'Em this year -- fear not.  You'll once again have the opportunity to prove that your prowess at picking winners in bowl games is superior to everyone else's ability to do the same.  And we're still using Yahoo! as the host for the pick 'em, even though I'm a bit cross with them about the regular season pick 'em (more on that in a bit).

Here's the link to the BHGP Bowl Pick 'Em 2013 game at Yahoo!

GROUP ID: 19537
PASSWORD: hawkeye

NOTE: This pick 'em game DOES incorporate confidence points, so be sure to factor those into your picks.  If you're absolutely positive Iowa is gonna beat LSU, feel free to slap 30+ confidence points on that result.  If you're feeling a little less sure of that result, though, be sure to only put a few confidence points on the outcome.

Please let me know (in the comments, on Twitter at @RossWB or via email at if you have difficulties to signing up.

* * *

Meanwhile, I also need to (belatedly) update the final standings of our regular season pick 'em competition.  And the winner is...


Toolbox, who took home top honors with an impressive final tally of 186 correct picks.  Well done, sir.

Here's the final top ten:

1) Toolbox -- 186
Simply Rudockulous -- 182
Burge Runner -- 181
sailorjerry -- 181
AmeriStanzi -- 178
6) kickinthebobo -- 174
But why is the rum gone? -- 173
cahawki -- 172
Frosted Steaks -- 172
HeTateMe -- 172

UPDATE! Here's the graphic with the top 50 finishers.  Congrats to all.


And here's the complete final standings.

As far as the aforementioned snafu with Yahoo!... I was under the (mistaken) impression that their game was only 14 weeks long.  I could have sworn that the game-picking screen only listed 14 weeks for most of the season and that Yahoo! also neglected to send out an email reminder prior to the abbreviated Week 15 picks.  I didn't realize there were picks to make that week until the week was half over.  That was very frustrating and I apologize if some of you thought the game was over after Week 14 and neglected to make picks in Week 15.  I don't think it made a difference in our ultimate winner -- Toolbox won by a pretty comfortable margin and most of the people closest to him did make picks in Week 15 -- but, again, I'm sorry that it wasn't clearer that there were picks to make in Week 15.  Mea culpa.

And a final few weekly plaudits to hand out...In Week 14, the delightfully-named Ka-Pow(ell) posted the best results of the week, with 15 correct picks, just edging out 14 correct picks from Too Long Between Hokey Pokeys. In Week 15, Gold Pants Brown Streak took home top honors with 9 correct picks, just ahead of the 8 correct picks from Jane Booth's Castle.  Good job, all of you.

Thanks for participating in the BHGP College Pick 'Em game for the regular season; we'll do it again next year.  In the meantime, be sure to sign up for the BHGP Bowl Pick 'Em challenge -- it's one last chance to prove your picking prowess.

And, hey, while you're picking things, why not sign up for BHGP's World Cup Bracket Challenge?  You know you want to.  The World Cup isn't for another six months, but that doesn't mean you can't make way-too-early predictions.

GROUP: BHGP Super Group
PASSWORD: hawkeye