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Happy Thanksgiving From BHGP

We're thankful for you. Yes, you in particular.

Tom Pennington

Hello, friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

We here at BHGP are thankful for a lot of things. Our families and loved ones, first and foremost. Our health. Our dashing good, uh... did we mention our health?

We're also thankful for all of you. We're thankful that we have so many people who are as passionate (if not more) about Iowa athletics that it's worth our while to run this website. We're thankful that we have an athletic department to write about that fields competitive, clean programs in football, both the basketballs and wrestling. We're thankful that there's a fan base to match those programs.

We're thankful that BHGP is as strong as it's ever been. We just added Tony Hager to make our wrestling coverage as good as damn near anyone—and that is not an exaggeration—on all these Internets.

We're thankful that we've had the opportunity to write this website for now over six years, and we're hopeful that many more than six years are still yet to come. This is a part of our lives now, and a very enjoyable part at that. Thank you, truly and sincerely.

Lastly, this is a holiday for spending time with family, so if you're doing that, congratulations. Family is a precious gift. If you're not, or you can't, this can be a very difficult time of year. Just know that we're thinking of you and if you need a place to kick it, hey, why not here? We're sort of like your family—large, obnoxious, full of inside jokes—but we'll do you one better for this Thanksgiving get-together: NO POLITICS.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!