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Black Heart Gold Podcast 127: The End of the Road

It's emotional.

And so we've come to the end of the road. Still, I can't let go.

And as I sit here typing this, I realize that Boyz 2 Men's "End of the Road" would be an incredible podcast theme song. So many songs, so little time...

We're closing out the regular season by talking Iowa-Nebraska with Brian Towle (@btbowling) of Corn Nation. It's quite good. Brian lives in Texas, and not even ironically. There's a lot of brisket in Texas. We talk about that. Also Runzas. You should listen, and then probably eat brisket or meat-filled loaves of bread.

To listen to the podcast, click on this link to our Podbean page, or subscribe on iTunes and let the podcast download without you even knowing it's there. Technology!