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Iowa Hawkeyes Player Previews: Peter Jok

Iowa's lone freshman of the 2013 class brings outside shooting and athleticism to the mix.

Matthew Holst

Peter Jok

Bio: Freshman, 6'6", 200 (West Des Moines, IA)
2012-13 stats: 23.6 points per game, 42% 3-point percentage, 92% free throw percentage (WDM Valley HS)

What we saw last season

After suffering a patellar tendon tear as a high school freshman (a much bigger deal than if you suffer the injury as a fully grown adult), Jok finally returned to a semblance of the form that dazzled scouts when he was a freshman. His shooting form was pretty, but let's be honest: you can find 6'6" guys who can shoot but not jump populating most teams on the lower half of the RPI. Jok looked ready to play ball at this level, he was named Mr. Iowa Basketball in a walk, and now he's here.

What we need to see this season

We know Jok can shoot, and we know he's got good instincts on offense. What we need to see is the type of defense that gets McCaffery's trust. If that takes time, fine; Jok's got time, and Iowa isn't in desperate need of more than situational minutes from its freshman.

Best-case scenario

In an ideal world, Jok takes to the increased level of play at the collegiate level and throws himself into the action at both ends of the court. Even after Oglesby returns from injury Jok proves himself valuable enough to play 20 minutes a game and emerges as the team's best perimeter scorer in the process. He averages about 8 points a game and is a real threat to drop double digits on a given night.

Most likely scenario

The pace and timing of college ball takes time for Jok to get accustomed to, and he makes some freshman mistakes here and there—some of overexuberance, some of apprehension. Once Oglesby comes back, it's 10-15 minutes a game for Jok, and 4-5 points a game. As long as the rotation is 10 guys he'll be a real part of it.

One request

Lead the team in 3-point percentage, please. If 34% will do that, fine; it's not ideal, but if nobody else on the team can touch that (totally plausible) then we will absolutely take 34%. Anything better is gravy.