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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Ferentz, Parker and Davis Speak

Iowa's coordinators talk football.

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Matthew Holst

IOWA'S COORDINATORS DID SOME TALKING. Here's the transcript and Marc Morehouse has video. Here's the highlights:

  • Ferentz will be cautious with the injured, some couldn't play if there were a game Saturday but should be ready for OSU
  • Ferentz likes this team
  • Matt VandeBerg did a good job filling in for Kevonte Martin-Manley
  • Ferentz feels this is a better team than last year
  • Ferentz may never call for a punt return again
  • Greg Davis spent the early part of this week self-scouting
  • Tempo will be determined by the game plan and opponent
  • Davis likes Rudock's ability to extend plays with his feet
  • Davis told C.J. Beathard he'd like to see him play a little more
  • Davis believes they have more depth on the offense compared to last year
  • Iowa isn't a team built to throw 50 times
  • Davis is trying to take more shots down field than they did last year
  • They are still bringing Damond Powell along into the offense
  • Rudock doesn't make the same mistake twice
  • Bobby Kennedy has had a big part in the receivers getting better
  • Damon Bullock has improved the last couple of games
  • Phil Parker believes the defense is much improved over 2012
  • The first team defense hasn't given up a run over 15 yards
  • Phil Parker likes the depth and chemistry
  • About the nickle defense: it's sometimes hard to take Anthony Hitchens off the field
  • They aren't blitzing more says Parker, "15 percent"
  • Parker thought the secondary played well against MSU but MSU had their best day of the season
  • Parker considers Darian Cooper a starter
  • Parker thinks Tanner Miller and John Lowdermilk are improving
  • About DBs getting burned: they are on an island, there are mistakes made up front people miss
  • Desmond King is doing well despite seeing a lot of things for the first time
  • Parker says he gets a better feel being on the sideline, being the the players
And that's a lot but there's certainly more.

WHILE THE LEGENDS DIVISION TITLE IS STILL POSSIBLE. It's perhaps not realistic. Getting six wins is certainly an attainable goal. Six wins gets Iowa a bowl game. How about the Heart of Texas Bowl versus TCU?

FERENTZ WASN'T JOKING ABOUT NEVER RETURNING A PUNT AGAIN. He told reporters "I was being dead serious."

THE BEGINNING OF THE DIVISION IV? Big Ten Officials met Monday and Tuesday in Chicago. The major topics are whether to stick with the NCAA and to form a new division for football. It's all about the money baby.


THIS IS REALLY COOL. Here's a series of videos of Matt McDonough and Tony Ramos called the Iowa Way. Enjoy video one and video two.