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BHGP College Football Pick 'Em 2013 -- Week Six RESULTS

Standings like whoa.

The 2013 College Football Pick 'Em season is almost half-over, and we have a clear favorite emerging: cahawki.  He was tied for the lead a week ago, but after a strong performance this week (13 correct picks), he's vaulted into the solo lead this week.  His co-leader from a week ago, Frosted Steaks, stumbled noticeably (6 correct picks).


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But cahawki did not have the week's best showing -- that honor goes to Drunk Cambus, who correctly pegged 15 picks.  Well done.

And if you'll allow me a moment of self-indulgence... so I have entries in both groups (Simply Rudockulous) in order for me to be able to see the standings and weekly performance figures.  For a while, I simply made picks in one entry and copied them into the other one.  The last two weeks, though, I decided to test a theory: how would my picks do if I used someone else's projections rather than relying on my instincts and intellect?  I ended up deciding to use Phil Steele's weekly picks, to see how accurate his game predictions are.  A week ago, the predictions where I made my own picks (in Group I) beat the predictions where I used Steele's picks (in Group II), 11 to 10.  This week Phil Steele came roaring back, though.  I managed a measly 7 correct predictions, while his predictions netted 14 correct picks.  You win this round, Mr. Steele.

The top 50 (and ties) are up above; you can find the full rankings here.

Don't forget to make your picks for this week, too.