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BHGP Housekeeping: Hoops and Wrestling Previews Ahoy

Breaking down a few plans for BHGP over the next month or so.

Matthew Holst

Hey there, you fine, feathered folks of BHGP.  How's it going?  How's the bye week treating you?  Good, I hope.

The purpose of this post is just to give you a heads-up about some scheduling plans at BHGP for the next few weeks. While we've got some football content coming up this week (the Community Player Ratings for the MSU game will be up later today and we're working on some mid-season review posts), the more exciting news is that we're also going to be using the football bye week to launch our preview coverage for basketball and wrestling.

Like the rest of y'all, I'm very much looking forward to Iowa's hoops season this year -- based on the season we had last year and the team that's returning this year, there's plenty to get excited about in terms of basketball.  And I'm also very excited about our plans for hoops preview material here at BHGP.  So excited that we're going to be running one preview post a day (edit: hopefully; the schedule may not work out precisely that way) for the next 31 days, leading up to the official tip-off of Iowa's season against UNC Wilmington on November 8th.

That preview content is going to take many forms.  Sometimes it might be profiles of opponents on Iowa's schedule.  Sometimes it might be a breakdown of recruiting efforts.  Sometimes it might a position-by-position breakdown of Iowa's roster.  And sometimes it might just be an analysis of what Aaron White did on his summer vacation.

Here's where you come in, though. We have quite a few ideas lined up already for the hoops preview series, but there's also room for more.  31 posts is a lot, after all.  So if you have ideas about something you'd like to see us cover in terms of hoops, hit up the comments.  We are very open to suggestions here.

We aren't going to be giving wrestling short shrift, either.  A Winner is You! will be running roughly twice a week (beginning this week) until the wrestling season gets underway in mid-November.  Tony will be adding his insight into the AWIY! posts as well, making them (hopefully) better than ever.  I'm working with bscaff at BSD on some other preview content and I have still other ideas, too.  We're going to blow this sucker out.

All of the preview material will of course make its first appearances on the front page of BHGP, in the same places you've grown accustomed to reading our material.  But I also wanted to point out that you'll be able to find all of our basketball preview material in The Jamboree 2013 hub and all of our wrestling preview material in The Weight Cut 2013 hub, too.  (No links to those hubs yet because there's no content in them yet.)

Let's get previewin'.