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Woody and Gabe's Excellent Halloween Costume Adventure

Costumes ahoy!

Tony Hager

[INT. The practice facility at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.]

Woody_icon_medium Gabe!

Gabe_icon_medium Pip-pip, cheerio!

Woody_icon_medium /blank stare

Gabe_icon_medium /sigh

Gabe_icon_medium Yo, A-Dawg.

Gabe_icon_medium (under breath) bloody Americans

Woody_icon_medium Gabe, I've got a great idea for tonight --

Gabe_icon_medium What's tonight?

Woody_icon_medium Really? It's Halloween, dude! The most magically spooky night of the year! Don't they have that over in jolly old London-town?

Gabe_icon_medium No, no, of course we do. And I've been over here for several years. I was just messin' with you. I know what Halloween is.

Woody_icon_medium Oh, whew. I was getting worried about what sort of awful place England must be.

Gabe_icon_medium So tonight?

Woody_icon_medium Yeah! Dev's hosting a costume party. Let's go as a pair. I've got some great ideas.

Gabe_icon_medium uh...

Woody_icon_medium Here!



Woody_icon_medium What?

Gabe_icon_medium Sorry. I just always wanted to say that. This costume is kinda bulky.


Gabe_icon_medium This wig itches.

Woody_icon_medium WYLD STALLYNS 4EVA!


Gabe_icon_medium This hat is fantastic.

Woody_icon_medium Wait, why are we black-and-white now? Did these hats cause us to travel through time?!

Gabe_icon_medium's a filter, dude.


Woody_icon_medium PARTY ON, GABE.

Gabe_icon_medium PARTY ON, WOODY.


Gabe_icon_medium YEAH, LONDON, BITCH.

Woody_icon_medium I'M HEISENBURY!


Woody_icon_medium Wait, why am I Robin?

Gabe_icon_medium Too late to change now, guv'nor. To the Batmobile!

Woody_icon_medium mean, my Ford Escort?

Gabe_icon_medium ...yes.

- fin -

What else should Gabe and Woody (or any other Iowa athletes) dress up as for Halloween this year? Hit up the comments!

Big H/T to Tony for his excellent work on these 'shops.