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Black Heart Gold Podcast 124: The One with Kirk Herbstreit

Yeah, it's that guy you know from that thing.


Hello, friends. Today's episode of Black Heart Gold Podcast features Kirk Herbstreit.

No, seriously.

That Kirk Herbstreit.

He's joining us as part of a promotion for the AllState Ultimate Road Trip Sweepstakes. That sweepstakes has over 100 prizes, including a grand prize of a trip for four to New Orleans, then to Los Angeles to watch the Sugar Bowl (with Herbstreit!) and the BCS National Championship.

Oh, and then when you get home you get a new Buick Enclave.

But Mr. Herbstreit also joined us to talk about College GameDay, the Big Ten, Michigan State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and even the Iowa game this weekend. This may shock you, but Kirk is a professional and a gentleman, and he was a delight to have on.

To listen, click this link and head over to the Podbean site, or subscribe to Black Heart Gold Podcast on iTunes. Remember, pick the version with the Go Iowa Awesome logo and not the old BHGP logo.

QUICK NOTE: You may notice a weird dip in sound quality in the last minute or so. We had some post-production audio issues that are the likely result of Adam just downloading whatever call recorder came up first in Google. That'll happen.