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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Kirk Ferentz Talks Wisconsin

Time to discuss Kirk Ferentz's weekly press conference.

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KIRK FERENTZ SPEAKS. Here's the audio from Tuesday's Big Ten teleconference. Also, here's audio and the transcript from Kirk's press conference in Iowa City. I have bullets:

  • Dominic Alvis is still out
  • Ferentz talks about James Morris' career a bit
  • Iowa and Wisconsin are similar teams in philosophy (offensively)
  • Ferentz again mentions an early signing period for recruiting
  • Iowa-Wisconsin has been a "really good series" since '99
  • Wisconsin at Iowa 2010 is "ancient history" to Ferentz
  • Ferentz talks a little about post-game handshakes
  • Ferentz says talking to opposing coaches pregame is "uncomfortable"
  • Ferentz isn't thinking about cameras rolling
  • Ferentz thinks his team has to concentrate better regarding finishing games
  • Nate Meier doesn't always go the right way but he plays hard
  • Ferentz thinks Rudock's TD to CJF carries over for everybody
  • KF calls Wisconsin's Addrederis one of the conference's best players
  • Tevaun Smith is improving
  • Ferentz was a little surprised by Brett Beilema leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas
  • Ferentz compared Louis Trinca-Pasat to Matt Kroul
And there's certainly more. Here's a video recap from Hawkeye Sports:

Iowa to face Wisconsin November 2. 2013. (via Iowa Hawkeyes)

THE PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse had technical difficulty so check his On Iowa blog later for videos. Meanwhile, here's a few from and YouTube:

Hawkeye FS Tanner Miller (via QCTsports)

Hawkeye QB Jake Rudock (via QCTsports)


REMEMBER TO WEAR BLACK SATURDAY. It's the annual "Black Out" game in Kinnick Stadium.

THE TWO-DEEPS. Not a lot of changes over last week. Cole Croston was replaced by Ryan Ward. An "oversight" last week per Kirk Ferentz. Nate Meier and Mike Hardy replace injured Dominic Alvis. Jordan Lomax is second string to B.J. Lowery (and probably Desmond King too despite Draper listed there).

WISCONSIN'S CHRIS BORLAND IS EXPECTED TO PLAY. The Butkus Award semifinalist injured a hamstring against Northwestern two weeks ago. Anderson said Borland would not have played had Wisconsin had a game last week. He plans to be ready Saturday for Iowa.


SOME BTN PROGRAMMING NOTES. First, if you missed it last evening, the debut of the Big Ten Network's Greatest Games: 1985 Michigan at Iowa will replay today at noon. The hour prior will be a 60 minute replay of Northwestern vs Iowa from Saturday. Also, the BTN's mobile stream, BTN2Go will have Iowa basketball's exhibition on Sunday. The season opener against UNC-Wilmington will also be on BTN2Go.

And finally,