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Oh hey, Northwestern week.

Gonna be a DUZEY of a game, you guys.
Gonna be a DUZEY of a game, you guys.
Matthew Holst

We all know the stakes here: the winner of this game is in pretty decent shape to make a bowl game, the loser much less so. But this is also a chance for Iowa to avenge some recent history: that 0-6 streak to end 2012, that more lopsided-than-it-looked loss to jNW last year, the recent stretch of futility against the Wildcats. We entered this season thinking Iowa might have a chance to play spoiler to Northwestern's B1G Rose Bowl aspirations, much like they did in 2000. Turns out Northwestern was able to spoil those dreams all by themselves, so we're left with two mediocre-ish teams, trying to figure out which one might be able to get something out of this season yet. Please let that be Iowa.

The game's at 11 AM CST on BTN.

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