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BHGP's 2013-14 All-American College Basketball Team

Congratulations, Russ Smith and others! When you've been recognized by BHGP you've finally made it.

Russ Smith now has the greatest accolade of his career: BHGP preseason Player of the Year.
Russ Smith now has the greatest accolade of his career: BHGP preseason Player of the Year.

Hello, friends. We've been asked to contribute an All-American team for college basketball this season. That's pretty neat! I guess this is what happens when your basketball team is good!

Anyway, this is understandably a tough decision, and it took a lot of time to get a workable list for you all. In fact, let's just get all our first attempts at All-American teams out of the way:

LeBron James from each of the last five seasons: REJECTED because time travel is not real

The 2002 Iowa offensive line: REJECTED because that is not basketball

Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan: REJECTED because come on man that show

All five seasons of Breaking Bad: REJECTED because of drug concerns

So, we plugged on and tabbed these five actual college basketball players.

G Russ Smith, SR, Louisville Cardinals (Player of the Year)

Depending on how much we get out of the next guy on the list, Smith might be the most fun player to watch on this team; he's only 6'0" (and that might be generous) but an irrepressible dynamo on the court. He's got a dizzying array of moves to and at the bucket, a solid outside jumper and just enough gumption to wreak havoc on the defensive end.

G Marcus Smart, SO, Oklahoma St. Cowboys

This has got to be Smart's last season in college. Of course, we thought that last year, but despite his skyrocketing draft stock he came back. The draw of NCAA tournament success is strong, though, and that's one thing Oklahoma State couldn't accomplish last year. Smart has NBA size at 6'4", a mix of strength and agility few players at any position can match and—most importantly—the best defense you'll see all year. He's all over the court, he makes his teammates better and he does it without those cheap reputation whistles in his favor like, ahem, some other players.

F Andrew Wiggins, FR, Kansas Jayhawks (Freshman of the Year)

If you're wondering why a guy who hasn't played a minute of college ball is already on our All-American team, we're just gonna go straight to the tape on this one:

That. is. not. fair.

F Doug McDermott, SR, Creighton Bluejays

McDermott is the closest thing on this list to a one-man team, which isn't great news for Creighton but that's just sort of how it's gotta go. Luckily McDermott is up to the task, scoring 23.2 points a game in all sorts of different ways last year and looking to up that (somehow) this year. He's big enough to score in the post and sharp enough to hit from deep, so he's a matchup nightmare for pretty much anyone.

C Mitch McGary, SO, Michigan Wolverines

Aside from Wiggins, McGary's the least-accomplished member of the five, but he's got the most unique skill set. He's huge at 6'10" and 250 pounds, he has the footwork of a small forward, he's an absolute leviathan on the glass and on help defense and he's extremely efficient on offense. Some of that is just picking his shots correctly more than having a fully developed offensive game, but at the same time that's exactly what you dream of your players doing. If McGary cuts down on his fouls—which is what you'd expect of a rising sophomore—you'll be seeing one of the most packed stat sheets in all of college football and one of the most dynamic, energetic players making it all happen.

Also the All-American coach is Fran McCaffery but everyone knew that already.