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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It; Kirk Ferentz Talks jNorthwestern

Coach talks the Cats.

Jamie Sabau

FERENTZ SPEAKS. Here is the audio to the Big Ten teleconference. Here's also the transcript and audio from Iowa city. Highlights:

  • The team didn't execute against jNW enough last year
  • At times, execution was good at Ohio State
  • Ferentz doesn't think they have a problem finishing
  • A couple of sustained offensive drives against OSU could have made the difference
  • Mark Weisman is good to go
  • Three tight end sets will stay in the repertoire
  • Three tight end sets give the opponent another thing to prepare for
  • Jake Duzey is improving on a weekly basis
  • Jake Rudock and LeShun Daniels learn from their mistakes
  • Dominic Alvis is out this week and they'll revisit his back injury next week
  • They'll see who stands out at DE this week during practice, may rotate
  • Cole Croston listed ahead of Ryan Ward at second team tackle may have been an oversight
  • Ferentz would like to see Nate Meier play more
  • False step in the secondary led to the OSU 58-yard TD
  • Dancing around the question, Ferentz agreed with the call on the Roby ejection
And there's certainly more.

THE PLAYERS SPOKE TOO. Marc Morehouse has player video on his On Iowa Blog. He talks to Tanner Miller, Jake Duzey, James Morris, Mark Weisman, Carl Davis, Christian Kirksey and Jake Rudock. The topics: the OSU and jNW game, of course.

KAIN COLTER SHOULD PLAY. He practiced with the team yesterday. He told Scott Dochterman "I feel good," but wouldn't get a percentage on his ankle health. He did admit he's still not 100%.

MONDAY, WE LOOKED AT SOME STATS. If you recall, we noted that Jake Rudock's total touchdown numbers are ranked in the top 50 of the NCAA but his passing efficiency is in the 70's. We also noted those fourth quarter interceptions hurt those numbers but didn't dig too far into the fourth quarter stats. The Daily Iowan did and they're not pretty.




JON ROTHSTEIN IS CLEARLY A FRAN OF FRAN. From NIT to NCAA? That's the plan, or hope at least. The Hawkeyes weren't ranked in the USA Today Top 25 but they're still getting plenty of love.