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BHGP College Football Pick 'Em 2013 -- Week Five RESULTS

Results en abyme.

Another week in the BHGP 2013 College Football Pick 'Em trenches spits out a new (old) leader, with cahawki returning to claim his throne -- or at least a share of it, as he and Frosted Steaks are tied atop the leaderboard with 84 correct picks.

(click to embiggen)

The best weekly performance was for an entry on the fringes of the overall top ten, the wonderfully-named Do the Shumpty Shump, with 14 correct picks.  Hopefully (s)he has more staying power in this contest than the entry's namesake did in the Iowa depth chart.

The top 50 (and ties) are up above; you can find the full rankings here.

Don't forget to make your picks for Week 6, too.