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Let's Use Vine To Take Another Look At Iowa's Offense Versus Minnesota

Let's over-analyze.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

LET'S LOOK AT RUDOCK'S FEET. He's not RG3 but Jake Rudock has been getting it done with his feet this season. He's shown an excellent pocket pressence and ability to step up in the pocket and make throws. He's also adding an element to the Iowa offense by extending drives and scoring touchdowns. He's rushed the ball 28 times for 128 yards (4.6 ypc) and has five touchdowns on the season. Let's look at Rudock getting first downs with his feet.

Iowa is facing a third down and Minnesota has the receivers well covered. Minnesota goes man-to-man and Rudock pulls it down and takes off gaining the first down. Watch Bullock block his man without blocking his man.

Greg Davis is also calling Rudock's number.

Davis called a QB draw for Rudock. The play didn't go for much but now opponents have to game plan for a quarterback that will run. I doubt we see opposing defenses assign a linebacker to spy Rudock but they now have to account for the run. Does that mean less man-to-man coverage? Probably not.

Rudock scores again.

This looks like the same pass play that C.J. Fiedorowicz scored a touchdown against NIU with. Instead of CJF, it was Hamilton that was trying to get to the goal line and sit down. It's not open and the play begins to break down until Rudock sees the opening and takes off for the pylon. The added dimension of the running quarterback is getting Iowa first downs and scoring touchdowns.

Let's look at a couple passes:

Kevonte Martin-Manley had six catches on the day bringing his season total to 26. Minnesota expected Iowa to target their leading receiver on third down. KMM comes across and gets the attention of the linebacker and safety and after an excellent move by Hillyer against man-to-man he comes open across the middle. The pass was short of the first down but put in a place where Hillyer could make the catch and get upfield. This was good execution all around.

Oops, Powell, Surprise.

Iowa goes five wide against a man-to-man Minnesota defense. Since Damond Powell has shown on tape as a deep threat, his speed is respected by the defensive back who gives a big cushion. Iowa sets this screen up beautifully. Greg Davis has shown a knack for calling the screen pass. The execution has been where Iowa has failed. Whether it be ISU or MSU in 2012, or NIU this year, the screen to the running back was called at the right time but for whatever reason, the play failed due to player execution. Powell didn't drop this and the line blocked it perfectly. With Minnesota in man there was no chance to catch Powell after he got a step by the defense. Great play, great timing. Let's hope we see more of this in the future.