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Beat the Badgers!

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a week, but it's time for Iowa to try and build off last Sunday's road win over Northwestern. Enter: Wisconsin, fresh off their own big road win -- an upset of Indiana in Bloomington. Yeah, their win was just a little more impressive than Iowa's win. Show-offs.

Iowa heads out for back-to-back road games against Ohio State and Purdue after this one, so getting another win now would be really nice. See what you can do about that, Hawkeyes.

Of course, today is also the 20th anniversary of Chris Street's passing, so this is sure to be an extra emotional night for everyone in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Hopefully Iowa doesn't let that extra emotion rattle them and can instead feed off it produce one of their best games of the season -- that's probably what it will take to beat the Badgers tonight.

The game is on BTN at 7pm CT.

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Go Iowa.