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BHGP College Bowl Pick 'Em RESULTS

Bowl season is over; time to celebrate those among us whose prognostication powers are potent.

Ethan Miller

The bowls have come and gone, drawing a close to the 2012-13 college football season. Sniff. Even though Iowa football spent most of the fall making me sad and/or angry, I'll still miss college football. Even bowls like the BBVA Compass Bowl will seem thrilling when we're stuck in the summer doldrums. Alas...

But I digress: you want to know the winner of the BHGP College Bowl Pick 'Em, right? Right. Well, the winner is...

drumroll please...

Dyche Stadium Troughs!

That's certainly a rather... evocative entry name. Mr. (or Ms. DST) picked up 462 confidence points, 4 more than the runner-up, KFiskickingusallintheballs. This was an occasionally unpredictable bowl season (although if you didn't bet the farm on Purdue getting smoked like a fat joint... well, shame on you), so well done on your picks. I don't have an email for Dyche Stadium Troughs, so please get in touch with me at so that we can hook you up with your free BHGP shirt.

Also, a tip of the cap to Stanzi Balls, imadirtyoldman, Paul Kujawa Droid Salesman -- those three entries each correctly selected 25 of 35 winners in the bowl games; they just didn't assign their confidence points quite as well as the people above them in the standings. Still, you know how to pick a winner.

Thanks to everyone who participated. You can see the final standings here.