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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Bring On The Cyclones

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IowaThrowbacks (via Mohammed Amro)

FRYFEST KICKS OFF THE WEEKEND IN IOWA CITY. Tonight, in Iowa City, Fry Fest kicks off the in-state rivalry festivities. There's a concert and guest speakers. Get you tickets here.

IOWA'S HONORARY CAPTAIN IS... Matt Roth will return to Iowa City this weekend. Prior to becoming a big-time player in Iowa City, Roth was a big-time recruit. Marc Morehouse writes that Roth almost didn't come to Iowa. He had Nebraska on his list. Ultimately, it was friends and Iowa City that swayed his decision.

ABOUT THE FOOTBALL GAME. ESPN Big Ten bloggers Adam Rittenberg and Brian Bennett both predict an Iowa victory Saturday. Berg takes the Hawks 24-20; Bennett predicts 35-31. David Ubben, over at ESPN's Big 12 blog also predicts an Iowa win. Ubben has Iowa winning 31-30.

ALVIS IS IN THE BUILDING. Kirk Ferentz admits he was unsure of what to expect from Dominic Alvis who had knee surgery last November. The junior defensive end will be a big part of Iowa's season and showed a glimpse of what he can do in the opener against NIU. He had a big sack at a time the defense really needed it.

IOWA STATE PLAYERS TALK ABOUT THE GAME. Jake Knott, complete with terrible haircut, says the ISU defense is staying fresh by substituting players in. Deon Broomfield admits they are "a bunch of clowns." They "make jokes" and like to "have fun." Hopefully, Iowa's wide receivers don't suffer from coulrophobia.

WIDE RIGHT NATTY LIGHT IS PREVIEWING THE GAME. They apparently spell Iowa with a lower case "i" in that neck of the woods. They write about this, meow, and talk about that, blah, blah. Hey! They also predict an Iowa win (24-20).

CBSSPORTS PREVIEWS THE IOWA STATE AT IOWA FOOTBALL GAME. Shontrelle Johnson is a rising star for Iowa State. Patrick Southern also writes that ISU wide receiver Josh Lenz could steal the show. Southern's final prediction for the game: Iowa State 24, Iowa 20.

MOREHOUSE HAS HIS 2-MINUTE DRILL. He breaks down the advantages for both teams. Iowa gets the nod in their run game, pass defense, and home stadium. ISU is ahead in their pass defense versus Iowa's offense and their rushing game versus Iowa's defense. Morehouse predicts Iowa 23, ISU 20 in overtime.

LEARNING FROM MISTAKES MAKES YOU STRONGER. That's the motto around Iowa City this week. Iowa struggled last week with many aspects but it's all correctable. Marc Morehouse notes that mistakes were made all around. Including from fifth-year senior James Ferentz.

MICAH HYDE ISN'T AN IOWAN BUT HE'S STILL MOTIVATED. Hyde told Brad Pautsch, of KTIV news, that last year's loss to Iowa State is "one of the worst losses I've ever felt, definitely in a while, in my sporting career."

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