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Jamie Pollard does some more advertising

Paulrhoads_medium OK, we've been driving now for nearly two hours. Are you going to tell me what we are doing, I have some very important practices to run this week.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Hold on, almost theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Alright, we're here. Paul, if you'd do me the honor, look outside your window and tell me what you see.


Paulrhoads_medium Oh yeah, it's that billboard you put up welcoming Bob Bowlsby back to Iowa. There was one thing I never got though. Bowlsby isn't really returning to Iowa, he's the Big 12 commissioner and the conference offices are in Dallas.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium I know, isn't it wonderful? I just love it. I've been hearing for a long time that putting up billboards is the newest, best ways of trolling and we at Iowa State want to be on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation.

Paulrhoads_medium I'm not really following.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Well... just remember what my number one assignment is as athletic director of the Cyclones.

Paulrhoads_medium I know, I know

They answer at the exact same time

Paulrhoads_medium Promote the University and produce competitive and integrity-filled athletic programs.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Troll the University of Iowa.





Paulrhoads_medium Your answer was shorter than mine.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Hmm

Paulrhoads_medium I just don't get the billboard thing.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Well maybe this will change your mind.


Paulrhoads_medium What. The. Hell?! When did this get made? This happened three days ago.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium We had to celebrate.

Paulrhoads_medium A week one win over Tulsa? That's what we wanted to honor? And I don't get it, it sounds like we're making fun of Tulsa, not Iowa.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium So a billboard mocking Iowa is more your fashion, huh. Look at this.


Paulrhoads_medium Wait, is that the failed Cy-Hawk Trophy? That thing was ugly as sin.

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Yeah and I bet Iowa misses it terribly. Where's there family sharing corn? In Ames, that's where.

Paulrhoads_medium Why is the "g" cut off?

Happy_pollard_icon_medium What? (does double take) God damnit.

Paulrhoads_medium You put up three billboards in the span of five miles?

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Not three. Four.


Paulrhoads_medium Banners? We never receive banners. Where did you get those?

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Our athletic offices are full of them. I'm getting a new one made for Tulsa as we speak.

Paulrhoads_medium You realize that one of those banners says "Sample" on it?

Happy_pollard_icon_medium Yeah, we were stretching after that Humanitarian Bowl runner-up. Anyway, those are our billboards, win on Saturday and you just might find another one.

Paulrhoads_medium Like that one?


Happy_pollard_icon_medium Wait, I don't remember authorizing that. Did I do that?

Paulrhoads_medium Hey, there's another one.


Happy_pollard_icon_medium OK, I definitely did not put this up. We're already celebrating his CFL career, we are not doing two separate Troy Davis Days. That is not the Cyclone way. Looks into distance. Oh no. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

Paulrhoads_medium What is it?


Paulrhoads_medium What the?