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BHGP 2012 College Pick 'Em -- Week 1 RESULTS

Week 1 is in the books, so how did our fearless prognosticators in the BHGP College Pick 'Em do? Not too bad:

(click to embiggen)

I listed 77 participants there to include everyone who had gotten 14 right, since that ended up being the cut-off point to make the top 50 for this week. (Remember that this is a SEASON-LONG competition and that being first now assures you... well, nothing. Although it is better than being last.) Our leader after Week is the sublimely monikered Frosted Steaks, who holds a slim lead over Bill Braskey, pahawkfan, Yabbs, and BHGP's poet laureate, OhioHawk. Congrats to you all -- you're smarter (or luckier?) than the rest of us so far.

The full standings can be found here.

A few of my favorite entry names (other than Frosted Steaks)...

* 11 Erbs and Spices
* BigachInLittleChina
* Abdul the Butcher
* HappyIowaWideReceiverLovingGod
* Rick Bayless' Curly Mullet
* Boots (Junior) To Asses
* Duke Slater's Helmet Hair
* Gotta have Faith (Ekakitie)
* Real Mascots Don't Wear Pants
* Oh just SECede already!
* Please God Not 7-5 This Year
* The Ghost of Bashir Yamini
* You can't Hyde from THE Law
* Cock Bullock
* Jalapeno VandenBurger
* VerticallyChallenged Albatross

* * *

Also, HFMR will have the full gambling write-up on Friday, but there were two spreads I couldn't wait to talk about:

Penn State (+10) at Virginia
Vanderbilt (-3.5) at just Northwestern

Penn State is a 10-point 'dog at Virginia and jNW is a 3.5 point 'dog at home to Vandy. /MIND ASPLODE