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Iowa Touchdowns for Kids UPDATE: Week 1


As you may recall, last week we had accumulated 54 pledges for a total of $152 per touchdown to University of Iowa Children's Hospitals. This week, we added another 25 pledges for $64, bringing our current total to 79 pledges for $216 per touchdown. This puts us within spitting distance of last year's $225 per score, which is excellent, but obviously not the goal.

The goal is to turn the map yellow. To date, we have pledges from 32 states marked on the Touchdowns for Kids map. We still need 18 states covered, and they're not the easiest ones to fill out. They're places like Hawaii and Maine. I send this message to you straggler states: You have one week to get on the bandwagon, or "BHGP Hates My Home State" begins. Believe me, you don't want that.

This team doesn't have much of an offense, or a defensive line, or a couple of other things it really could use by this time of the year. You're probably saying, "I can't fix that!" and you are right. But you could give this team (and especially this offense) some serious positive karma with a donation today, and help kids feel better while you're at it. Click the picture above to go to the TD4K website, and be sure to click the BHGP box for where you heard about the program.