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It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It: Iowa Invades Chicago, Escapes With Victory

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McCaffery's Wrigley first pitch (via DMRegister)

AND A ONE, A TWO, A THREE. Bobby Hansen sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" In Wrigley and there's video. There is also video of both Hansen and McCaffery talking to Scott Dochterman after their "performance" at Wrigley. Also, Eric May, Josh Oglesby and Zach McCabe made the trip to watch their coach throw out the first pitch.

AND THEN THE HAWKEYES INVADE SOLDIER FIELD. The weather held South of Chicago and the BHGP tailgate was fun. While there wasn't a Luchador among BHGPers but there was around the tailgate lots and Hawk Central found those crazy fans. Hawk Central also has more tailgating photos and pictures from the Hawkeye Huddle that took place Friday night on the Navy Pier.

OH YEAH, THE FOOTBALL GAME. What the hell? RossWB will have the complete recap, here's some links. Randy Peterson names Damon Bullock the player of the game. Bullock rushed for 150 yards and scored the game winning (and Iowa's only) touchdown. About the touchdown, Bullock said, "I told coach [Greg Davis] after it was a brilliant call."

PHARTY THINKS THE OFFENSE HASN'T CHANGED. He thinks that there isn't much difference between former offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe and new coordinator Greg Davis. While I can't agree with that I can agree with this statement,

"The inability of the Iowa receivers to create separation against a team from the Mid-American Conference that allowed nearly 40 points per game last season was perhaps the most disturbing thing about Saturday's game."

AH, THE PASSING GAME. Ryan Suchomel writes about Iowa's passing attack being a problem. Kirk Ferentz said, "things were disappointing at times." James Vandenberg took responsibility with the cliche that it "starts with me." It's a new offense with new options and responsibilities. Luckily, Iowa remembered how to do one thing: run the football.

FERENTZ MENTIONED SPECIAL STORIES. It's one of his preseason cliches. Perhaps Greg Castillo is that special story? Or maybe Joe Gaglione? Starting corner back B.J. Lowery left the game with bruised ribs and senior Greg Castillo stepped in and played well. Castillo's biggest play came on a John Weinke punt. The ball bounced on the two yard line and Castillo was able to down it on the one. Micah Hyde thought it was the play of the game.

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