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VIDEO: Floyd of Rosedale Gets Interviewed

No, really. ESPN's Lewis Jackson did a sideline interview with our beloved trophy moments before Iowa rushed across the field and seized him from the Gophers.

(H/T to Awful Announcing)

Floyd of Rosedale got his moment in the spotlight on today's ESPN broadcast of the Iowa-Minnesota game, as sideline reporter Lewis Jackson peppered him with questions near the end of the game. Floyd, as you might expect from a member of the Greatest Generation, was rather taciturn in his responses.

It's okay, though, Floyd. Even if you're too respectful to admit which sideline you prefer being on, we all know the real answer. Welcome home, buddy. Now let's try and get you some friends.



JACKSON: "Well, Beth, Floyd is sitting here waiting for something to happen on the Minnesota sideline. It's been in their possession for the last year. And the tradition is that, if the score holds up, Iowa will come across the field and they will physically take Floyd back over. Floyd, what do you think about that, yourself? What's it been like in Minnesota the last year?"

FLOYD: ...

JACKSON: "I-I can't hear you. Do you have a preference on the sideline that you'd rather be on?"

FLOYD: ...

MOWINS: "Floyd's a little tight-lipped down there right now."

JACKSON: "And, finally, Floyd, what's the bacon situation like here in the United States? I understand we're going to have a shortage. Any words on that?"

FLOYD: ...

JACKSON: "Floyd, I thought you were a ham and you're not... So I dunno what to say about this guy, but watch out, Beth -- it's going to be a wild rush across the field in the next few minutes."


Also, this wasn't the only time an ESPN sideline reporter has gotten up to some animal-related shenanigans during an Iowa game. Remember this from the 2009 Outback Bowl?