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2Q: Iowa Leads Minnesota 24-0

So this is going well.

Iowa's opened up a 24-0 lead on the Gophers in the second quarter -- and there are still almost nine minutes to go. Mike Meyer opened the scoring with a 44-yard field goal (set up by 45-yard pass to C.J. Fiedorowicz). Mark Weisman followed that up with an 8-yard TD run (set up by some big runs by -- who else? -- himself). That led to the third Iowa TD, a 47-yard bomb from James Vandenberg to Jordan Cotton on a FLEA FLICKER. Yes, seriously. Iowa's most recent score came on a 1-yard James Vandenberg sneak (after the refs bizarrely ruled Weisman down at the 1/2-yard line).

It's 24-0. The offense looks good. The defense looks good. The special teams look good. This is fun! YAY FOOTBALL!