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BHGPODCAST 91: Fire the Rockets

BHGP talks about the upcoming Iowa-Minnesota game with MV of Fringe Bowl Team and ParadigmShift of Throw the Flag.

We've had a lot of things on this podcast: Reporters, broadcasters, bloggers...well, that's pretty much it. We've not had a rocket scientist until now. Of course, the rocket scientist isn't the Minnesota fan, because rockets don't run on snow and unwarranted smugness, but still. It's a fucking rocket scientist. That's Paradigm from Throw the Flag, who is a Florida resident but comes from Minnesota stock, and we have wanted him on a podcast for a while, so why not.

Also, our old nemesis MV from Fringe Bowl Team fills us in on the Gophers (and if you haven't read his post on Floyd, you aren't properly prepared for Saturday). He's trying to reduce expectations, as much for himself as anyone else, but it's hard to be humble when you're from Minnesota. It's just the way they're raised.

Podcast player posted below. Listen there or subscribe on iTunes to get it a little early.

BHGPodcast 91